Management system

Integrated management system policy

Train to the Clouds SFTSE is a State Society of the Province of Salta that has an Integrated System of Quality Management, Environmental Management Guidelines for Tourism Suppliers and Operational Safety according to Resolution CNRT 170/18, appropriate to the context of the organization and aligned with the strategic direction.

Our scope in the process of implementation includes:

  • Tourist-commercial operation of the interurban passenger service called “Tren a las Nubes” on the Salta-Viaducto La Polvorilla-Salta section, on the C14 railway line.
  • Bimodal experience of passenger transport in Bus-Train-Bus and Solo Train modalities.
  • Maintenance of rolling units.

By virtue of this, we assume the following commitments:

  1. Increase the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.
  2. Comply with the requirements of the client, applicable laws and those that the organization subscribes.
  3. Continuously improve the management and performance of our integrated management system.
  4. Protect the environment and prevent pollution by making sustainable use of resources.
  5. Promote the participation and consultation of personnel in the integrated management system.
  6. Promote actions of Social Responsibility and Sustainability.
  7. Manage operational safety through a continuous process of hazard identification and risk management.

In our actions, compliance and integration of these commitments is the responsibility of all of us who work in the Company.

Salta, December 27, 2018.-

Chair of the Board of Train to the Clouds SFTSE.-

Dr. Carmelo Russo President of the Train to the Clouds